Terms & Conditions

By purchasing from Don Diva Global Media you are agreeing to abide by all below terms and conditions.

According to USPS, due to limited transportation availability as a result of nationwide COVID-19 impacts, package delivery times may be extended up to 3 weeks in some instances. Unfortunately, our customer service representatives do not have more detailed tracking information than that found on the USPS website. Refunds will not be provided while your package is in transit. We thank you for your patience during these unprecedented times.

Orders may ship in multiple packages as products may ship from different locations.

Apparel Orders

  • All apparel orders ship in 10 to 14 business days
  • No refunds on any apparel orders
  • Exchange only if returned in it's original condition
  • Buyer pays return shipping

Digital Products

  • We do not issue refunds for digital products that have been delivered
  • We do not issue refunds for digital products purchased by mistake

      Return/Refund Policy

      • Don Diva Global Media does not give refunds for orders that have been shipped as purchased for any reason.
      • We do not offer refunds for inmate orders that are rejected, returned or otherwise undelivered for any reason.  

          Don Diva Magazine Inmate Orders

          • It is the customer's responsibility to provide the inmate's complete address including inmate number at the time of ordering. Shipping labels are created with the address exactly as it is entered by the customer. Please be sure the address is correct and complete.
          • Inmate Magazines are the only Don Diva Magazine version sent to inmates. The content is the same as the Print and Digital versions.
          • If you order a Print or Digital version for an inmate, we will exchange the issue for a currently available Inmate Magazines, at our sole discretion.
          • We will not contact you for an alternate issue number.
          • If you choose to purchase a Print issue for an inmate, do so at your own risk.

              Ordering the 10 for $40 or 5 for $25 special for an Inmate

              • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure an inmate can receive 5 and 10 magazines in the same package before ordering

              Rejected or Returned Inmate Orders

              • Delivery of orders/magazines to an inmate is entirely subject to the discretion of the jail/prison in which they are being housed. Don Diva Global Media cannot be held liable for the delivery of any order to an inmate. 

                Facility Notification to Inmate

                • We are aware many institutions/jails have the policy to notify the inmate their order has been rejected and/or returned. However, the inmate is not always notified or the product returned.  In these instances, Don Diva Global Media cannot be held liable for the delivery of any order to an inmate. 

                • There is also the possibility that one magazine issue will be accepted and delivered to an inmate and another rejected. This is at the sole discretion of the facility and Don Diva Global Media cannot be held liable for the delivery of any order to an inmate.

                Shipped from Publisher

                • Don Diva Magazines are shipped directly from the publisher, DDM Publishing.

                 Inmate Order Receipts/Invoices

                • If the inmate’s facility requires an invoice to be shipped with the inmate’s order, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to notify us prior to us shipping. If the order is rejected by the facility there will be a reshipment fee to reship the order with an invoice.

                Reshipment Fee

                • If an order is not delivered to the inmate for any reason, the publisher in its sole discretion may reship the order for a fee to cover shipping/handling.
                • Contact customerservice@dondivamag.com to arrange payment.

                Digital Exchange

                • If the customer does not want the order reshipped, we will email the digital versions of the issues purchased, if available; or similar to the email provided by the customer.

                • If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the customer service department by email prior to ordering: customerservice@dondivamag.com.

                Thank you for your business and support of Don Diva Magazine!